All’s well that ends well

I chose random one book for our new Shakespeare’s collection . The lucky book was All’s well that ends well.

All’s well that ends well is one of the most popular comedies of William Shakespeare. The play is woven around Helena, the orphaned daughter of a famous physician, and Bertram, the son of her guardian, the Countess of Rousillon. At the end, Helena uses her intelligence to win Bertram as her husband.

The narrative version of the play is easy to read for children from 9 years. It also can be read by bilingual people and children with English as a Second Language.














I like reading a biography of William Shakespeare for giving children a great idea of who writes the play.















You have a description of each character before starting to read. For me, it is a great part as if you use these collection as a classroom resource as if you read to your own children because you can discuss with your students or children what they think about what will happen on the plot’s book.














The illustrations along the book are comic-style, this is an excellent way to capture the children’s interest and help them to develop their reading skills.














I enjoy pretty much reading this comedy, I learned some new words and it was a very fast reading because it is written in a clear and simple vocabulary.

The Best

  • Excellent adaptation to help introduce the play to young readers
  •  64 pages, that means it is not as short as a comic but not longer than a novel
  • Perfect for bilingual people
  • Comic style illustrations
  • If you are looking for a gift for children that love reading this is your perfect match!!


The worst

  • Nothing. I love the complete collection!

I hope you enjoy reading Shakespeare suitably simplified, narrated and illustrated for young readers.

If you need more information about these wonderful collection, you can read here which are the other titles of twenty plays by Shakespeare.

I will review some of these books for you to have an idea about the story and the content.



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