The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective




I’m Shelby Holmes. Detective Shelby Holmes. It is a well written story for children from 9 years old, that catch your attention since minute one. Without any doubt it is a perfect gift for kids who are intrepid, observant and that love mystery. 


This is a story about John Watson, his mother, Shelby Holmes and her mother Mrs Hudson, along the book we can discover some other characters but these are the main ones. John and his mother moved from Maryland to New York City.


Shelby is nine years old girl who lives in the building where John and his mother have moved to. Shelby can find the answer to any mystery but when she met John she solve the most important puzzle – friendship.


The key to solve New York’s prize pooch case, that is one of the cases she solved on the story, it was important for them to learn about teamwork.


I enjoy pretty much reading this detective story. What I like most about it, is that it’s fun, it hooks you up since Shelby begins to solve the first cases. When she discovers -friendship- she values it more than anything and I think that any child has to learn how important is to have good friends.


The author Elizabeth Eulberg, knew how to make relatable some critical topics such as: moving to a new city and find new friends, and parent divorce. She found a way to make you feel that even if these situations happen to you there are more teenagers or children like you dealing with the same thing and the most important thing is not feeling alone.


  • I like the homage to Arthur Conan Doyle
  • It is a novel to capture some detective fans
  • Comic style illustrations
  • The suspense is spellbinding
  • It is a perfect gift. You can check here for more details


shelby_holmesBook details

Author  :  Elizabeth Eulberg
Illustrator : Matt Robertson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Language: English
Age: 9-11 years
First edition: 2017




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