Summer by Stanka Wixted

Few days ago, I received from Boolino Books four beautiful books  Spring, Summer, Stars and Numbers to review and today I will begin with Summer.

This book tells us about how Toddly,his teddy bear and his parents plan to go on holidays for enjoying summer time.

From Boolino books says that “the books have been designed by author and mum Stanka Wixted to combine classic storytelling with audio and visual elements. Stanka wanted to create something that was both fun and informative for young children, and is hoping that Toddly will be enjoyed by the whole family”.

What we like the most

  • Each book is accompanied by an audio CD with three fun tracks. Great for car journeys!
  • It is perfect for new readers
  • Beautiful and colorful illustrations
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Vocabulary adequated to children from 2 to 5

Book details

Stanka Wixted
2-5 years


Every other day I will write the rest of the reviews and If you want to see more about these collection click here 

The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective




I’m Shelby Holmes. Detective Shelby Holmes. It is a well written story for children from 9 years old, that catch your attention since minute one. Without any doubt it is a perfect gift for kids who are intrepid, observant and that love mystery.  Seguir leyendo

All’s well that ends well

I chose random one book for our new Shakespeare’s collection . The lucky book was All’s well that ends well. Seguir leyendo

20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories

shakespeare_booksToday I am going to talk about a great collection from Sweet Cherry publishing: 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories .

Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Twelfth Night,Othello, The Moor of Venice and more.

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You wouldn’t want to live without poo!

Today I’ll tell you about a curious book that explains all about the human and animal excrement “Caca” “pupu”.

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Rincón de los niños y más en EU bookshop

Hace un tiempo, descubrí que existe una página web  llamada EU bookshop,  dedicada a explicarnos a niños y adultos que es la Unión Europea, cuales son los países que la forman, cómo funciona y aspectos de economía, derechos de los ciudadanos y todo en fomato digital, y si hay disponibilidad te envían gratis a tu domicilio dentro de la Unión Europea cualquier libro que escojas.

Cabecera EU bookshop

¿Qué me ofrece EU Bookshop?


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Hoy leemos: Pirata


Hoy te presento un cómic de aventura que está indicada para niños de 8 a 12 años. El personaje se llama Guillermo o “Pirata”.  Tiene doce años y es un escolar con un montón de dudas y grandes aciertos personales. Las preguntas que dejamos de formulamos a nosotros de adultos, Pirata nos las plantea, como si nada, como niño grande o joven adolescente que es. Vive con su madre, pero quiere a su padre igualmente y hasta llegará a darnos una lección de dibujo, para aprender a dibujar de verdad. Seguir leyendo